Day 6: Gimme a Two.

Had a decent day today. Practiced for a few hours, and I can feel it in my hands. They are actually a little sore from all the playing this past week. Between learning and the surprise church gig yesterday, I’m a little fatigued, but all is well.

Made sure I played loosely today so I wouldn’t make things worse. It’s kind of like an off day workout!

See you tomorrow!

By the way, if you haven’t yet, visit my facebook for video of the gig.

Day 5: Detour

Well, today I didn’t practice at all! The good news is: it is because I had a surprise gig come up. I visited a church today on the day their pianist was out, and rather than have them play with a cd, I played for them live. This led to lunch, followed by rest, then another time to play in the evening. I was humbled by the opportunity to play in public for the first time in a few months. I put a short video on the facebook page, so head over there and you can hear where I am right now in my rusty playing! See you tomorrow!

I will practice hard tomorrow, and keep progressing-promise!