I will write a song for you

“Write a song for me,” you ask?  Yep.  That’s the plan.  I am in the mood to stretch a little.  Reaching for the stars only works if you first look skyward with your heart.  So if you follow my blog, and then send me a request for a song, I will communicate with you and write one for you.  Either poetry to be read of lyric to be sung.  Or just something pitifully pithy; I’m ready to take the three-point shot for you.  And all you have to do:  repost it with my site http://www.jcarlschafer.com as credit.  Kick it on twitter, facebook, wherever you’d like the world to know that someone out there noted your desire for a personal statement, and helped you to make one.

I won’t do this for long as I expect to get inundated (at least I hope to get inundated), but for now, let’s play together!

Just two simple steps:

1:  Follow my blog and even my facebook/twitter if you’d like.

2: Just ask!  All work will be copyrighted to me, but you have all the freedom to share and use wherever and whenever until revoked as long as you give me the credit along with the qoute or media.




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