Day 2: Scaling the Mountains.

If you can imagine mopping a floor with molasses, or writing a letter with glue on your fingers, then you can imagine my scales today. Practicing with the Casio on my lap, I hit all twelve major and melodic minors until I could hit them 3x perfect at 100 bpm. It was long and slow, but I got it.

After this, it was time to rock the circle of fifths again. What I did today was begin at each chord and go the entire round from there. For example, I began with C Maj., and went all round, then began with F Maj., and went all round, and so on. My goal tomorrow is to do this in minor chords. Yikes!

Today’s “Autumn Leaves” was Coltrane only. I could hear the form with the pianist, but Coltrane knocked me off the mountain. I practiced the melody in every key again, and played through the form in every key as well. Rather poorly, but there we are…

Tomorrow will come my first audio!

Practice time: app. 2 hours playing; 2 hours studying/listening.

Reading “Thinking in Jazz” By Paul Berliner. Love this book. Read it in the 90’s. Highly recommended!

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