Day 4: Roll With The Changes

Today I was able to work all the scales, as well as the circles of fifths and fourths. I then spent quality time on “Autumn Leaves.” What is fun is that playing it in different keys really cements the progressions into my head.

“Autumn Leaves” is full of ii-V-I progressions, and as I play it in all the keys the progressions just get stronger and stronger.

Now, if you’re not a musician, look at it this way: As you learn to ride a bicycle, you must keep pedaling–left, right, left right. At first you must think about it, but later you do it unconsciously, bringing forth the adage: “you never forget how to ride a bike.”

The ii-V-I in all its variations (and there are many) is similar. I must learn to play it, in every key, to unconscious perfection. As music is an art created in rhythmic real-time, I must do this without thinking. If I think, I’m already behind the beat. I therefore must practice over and over until I have it in my heart, not just my head.

In addition, as I listen to all the different versions of the song, I am not listening to the improvisation (the solos). I am listening to the chords as best I can. This helps me to understand how they are voicing the chord (which notes they omit and add).

And all this is very doable on the Casio toy, because I just need to hear the tones. Now that I’ve charged the batteries…

I am enjoying the journey!

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