About JCarl

I have been a lyricist and composer for many years, having written contemporary cantatas, songs and narrations.  While now focusing on authorship, I certainly include all forms of writing into my repertoire.  If you’d like to read a personally composed sample of my work at no cost, please contact me.  I’d be more than happy to compose any notes you send along.

I am a professional pianist and vocalist as well, working for over thirty years with a history of performing in the United States and Europe as part of ensembles.

I’ve long preferred the quiet family life, and enjoy wind, rain, and quietude.  My direction of creation is briskly, with words flowing out faster than I can pen, after which I edit and proof.  This is followed by the baking period, where I go through the stages of paranoia, lack of self-worth, humility, arrogance, finally giving up and allowing the work to be satisfying and deliverable.

If you are an author, aspiring or otherwise, I’d love the opportunity to hear your thoughts on my work, and you are here to walk in the park, welcome!  I’d really love to hear your thoughts as well if not more so!

Contact me today with any comments below:


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