Get Out Of The City

4625586735_54c35f5fec(verse 1)

They’re gonna’ shoot you down tonight

You don’t have a chance in hell

You’ll have to leave your so-called home

And perhaps it’s just as well

All the freedom’s choking you

And skyline hides the sky

Everyone said to come here

But nobody told you why

Get out, get out of the city


Workin’ is playin’ and playin’ is workin’

Come on let’s turn it up a little more

I’m gonna burn this piano down

And then I’m flying right on out the door

Trigger happy drummer keeps his guns firin’

Light the candle and back away

‘Cause when the curtain is gone and lights come down

Then it’s back on the train and away

Get out of the City

(verse 2)

You look into the darkness

While it shines the light on you

See the room as empty

Just to get you through

Lost your way around you

And it’s happenin’ my friend

Beware of Dr. Jeckyl

Because he’s Hydin’ out again, again

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Invisible Girl

Invisible Girl

pastel ribbons

peach blossoms swell

moving through the jockeys

she used to love this song

(a lot of people don’t seem to get what this poem is about…if you think you get it, use the comment button and try, and I’ll be happy to let you know the truth of it)